Using the VideoBook app to create projects couldn't be easier with social and cloud service integrations to make it simple to add your files from any location. Once you have added some files its a 3 step process as outlined below.

  1. Add your photos and videos to the storyboard.

  2. Choose a video style.

  3. Select your soundtrack.

Then all you need to do is hit preview and let us take care of the rest. Go grab a coffee or simply sit back and wait. You'll get your video preview in 2 mins.

Once you are happy simply click the button and we'll automatically add it to your video library. It's also backed up and securely stored in your VideoBook cloud account so you never need to worry.

All of the video and photo files from your completed project can then be printed and shipped as a personalised VideoBook or as pages that can be easily added to an existing VideoBook using our unique screw post design.

The full length project video can be viewed from the QR code on the first page of your printed project while all video files from your story board will include their own QR codes for easy access straight from your VideoBook.

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