In order to create your VideoBook you will need to start a project from the VideoBook web app.

The first step is to give your project a name, you can also assign a tag such as anniversary or birthday which just makes it a little easier to filter once you start to build your video library over time.

To start you will need to give your project a name and optional tag(s).

Once your project has been created you can then add photos and videos to the storyboard and rearrange them into your preferred order. After that you can select a video style and even chose a soundtrack from our music library.

You can then preview the full project and if you are happy you can choose to add it to your video library, share it with other VideoBook members or even include it as a printed project that you can send to either yourself or others.

Each project can be a maximum of 10mins long and/or 50 images and 25 videos.

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