Each hand-bound and personally embossed VideoBook costs €99.99.

This price includes the below.

  • Hand-bound vegan leather interactive photo book.

  • Free personalised embossing.

  • Full print out of your story board.

  • Includes individual QR codes for all your video files for easy access from your VideoBook.

  • Includes QR code to connect directly to your full length project video.

  • Free storage of your video projects in your VideoBook online account.

This price also includes the creation and storage of your full video projects in your VideoBook account as well as all of the photos and videos that make up that project in your storyboard.

Access and share your video projects from anywhere and on any device.

You can also purchase projects on their own and have the pages of that project printed and sent directly to you or someone else.

These can be easily added to an existing VideoBook utilising the unique screw post design.

In order to do this you'll need to purchase a project credit. See project credit pricing below.

1 credit


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2 credits


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3 credits


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