A VideoBook is an interactive photo book that allows you to store both photo and video memories in one very special hand-bound printed edition. We use QR code technology to create a completely unique and immersive experience.

Using our web application you can easily upload both photos and videos to the storyboard. You can then select a video style and soundtrack to create a project video up to 10 mins long comprising all of your storyboard content.

VideoBook story board layout.

We will then print all files in the order that you have arranged them in your storyboard and include your full length project video on the first page accessible via QR code.

VideoBook printed edition with QR code to full length project video.

For video files you can assign any photo you like and that will appear as the printed image in your VideoBook. VideoBook assigns a QR code to all video files allowing you to view that moment by simply opening the camera on your smart phone and pointing it at the code.

QR codes above photos allow you to link directly to that video moment.

All your photos and video files will be delivered in a hand-bound, personally embossed screw post photo book.

Using our unique screw post binding your VideoBook becomes an expandable photo book allowing you to order additional projects and have them delivered as pages that can be easily added to your personalised VideoBook.

To find out more about ordering extra projects please see the article below.

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